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I started my own company,by building and rebuilding only fire resistant and isolation work.I'we been doing this work since year 1992,and from year 2008, I started a company called TERMOGRADNJE  INŽENIRING d.o.o., which exclusively works with object who needs overall rebuilding of furnaces and complex objects allong with support and leading of work.
Now we are company that employes 11 people ,who are trained for dealing with theese highly specialized materials.The team has one cheaf of remounts,two team leaders,whic are capable to lead more than 40 workers out in companies that needs our help.
Olmost 50 percent of our work is done in aluminium die casting units and other casting factories,also in foreign countris all ower Erope in any cind of factories, that uses high temperature melting or burnig furnaces.
We are also capable to rebuld furnaces fo glass making factories,included with enginering,monitoring all the neccessary work that needs to be done.

We are laso equiped with best machines-best and once that are neede to do the best work.Transportation is included,as for the material and workers.
Material distribution is no problem as well the right decision of choosing the best material for any job.